flag_English.png Shakti Avahan: Invocation of the Divine Mother


This colume contains the stotras utilized in the sadhana, selected by Swami Niranjanananda. In the "Introduction", Swamiji explains the purpose of the sadhana, and the articles by Swami Sivananda and Swami Satyananda take us closer to the Mother principle. The original verses in Devanagari and Roman transliteration are provided.

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Shakti Avahan: Invocation of the Divine Mother

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In January 2012, Swami Niranjananada initiated a new sadhana at Ganga Darshan: the invocation of the Cosmic Goddess in the form of Mother Katyayani, the peace-bestowing force. Every morning, havan is performed and the ashram reverberates with the sound of invocatory chants, the thousand names of Ma Katyayani, and victory and protection mantras. The sadhana is a three-year sankalpa for the sannyasa training participants and is being performed under the aegis of Sannyasa Peeth.

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